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               Yulgang (also known in the USA as Scions of Fate) is a MMORPG developed by KRG Soft in South Korea and serviced by Mgame in Japan, it is based on a Korean martial arts comic which shares its name. The title of the game, Yulgang is an abbreviated form of the full title Yul-Hyul-Gang-Ho (热血江湖 or 열혈강호) which literally means “hot-blooded-river-lake”, where “river-lake” commonly refers to the ancient far-east pugilistic world. The subtitle “Balance of Power” refers to the two factions that are presented in the game: “The Order” and “Chaos.” In China, the game is licensed to Beijing 17game Network, a subsidiary of CDC Games. This MMORPG charges no fee to play the game, but creates revenue through sale of virtual merchandise. As of February 14, 2007, the game is popular in China and Korea, with over 100 million registered players with servers active in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and America.[1] As of November 2006, the game supported over 600,000 concurrent users playing online at the same time.



                                                                                          Career of Yulgang

Swordsman = attack near term. The ability to stand out: bear                                                                                                                                     


Krabi = attack near term. The ability to stand out: attack speed. 

Doctor = attack near term. The ability to stand out: to support a portfolio of well skill force

Pike= near-term attacks. The ability to stand out: attack strength. 

Archer(one in v.5.0) = attacker remote – very remote. The ability to stand out: shooting distance.

Ninja (one in v.6.0) = near-term attacks. : very strong attack (but cumulative package).



                                                                             Classes of Yulgang(Upgrade)

             Class 1st  = Lv. 10 up

             Class 2nd = Lv. 35 up                                   

             Class 3rd = Lv. 60 up                                                                                                

             Class 4th = Lv. 80 up

             Class 5th = Lv. 100 up




                                                                       Play and share reading book time.

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